Product Reviews & Launches

latpm-marketingAt we know what a well planned product review and launch can do for your business. In fact, we see just how successful this can be – time after time. If your product or service receives praise from others, it is safe to say that many others will follow the same path. Just like video syndication, this is a “viral marketing” technique that can pay off in the long run.

By taking advantage of our product review services, your organization will receive good “word of mouth buzz.” When product reviews are combined with other forms of new media marketing, the results are amazing.

What about Product Launches?

latpm-newsBefore there can be a review you need to launch your product to the world. While this sounds simple, things do not always work out this way. There is a right and wrong way of handling a product launch. Remember, you only have one chance to unveil your product to your audience. At we work with you to build a product launch that is sure to payoff in both sales and viral word of mouth marketing.

Keep this in mind: we have something that no other company does: the ability for your launch to be promoted by big name celebrities. As you know, consumers like to emulate the rich and famous. By using a celebrity endorsed product launch you can gain instant credibility. Our network of celebrities is available to help you take your company to new heights. We will connect you with the person best for your product or service.

latpm-buyProduct reviews and launches go together – you cannot have one without the other. We make sure that all product reviews are generated with your product or service in mind; nothing generic here! Utilize our high powered magazine with SEO articles and interviews, our fashionable video site LAsThePlace.TV, SEO press releases, SEO video syndication, PPC management, social media and our subscription list.


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